This Blog is created by Miss Anshu Gupta (Ulcerative Colitis Patient, Operated for J Pouch Surgery) by the team of expert Liver Transplant & Gastrointestinal Surgeons of SGRH New Delhi, India.

I am working for the patients & their families, I have started ” Support Group (SAI Support Group)“, I am also maintaining ” Medical BlogsLiver Transplant In India Information Guide , Health and Medical Information, Anshu Gupta’s…Therapeutic Yoga, Govind Ram, Liver Transplant India Information Group & Ulcerative Colitis & J Pouch Surgery Guide. These Blogs are dedicated to Medical procedures, Diagnositc procedures, Treatments, Surgeries, Operations, Transplants, Disease Information and more…

About Me

I am Spiritual but not religious. I am a Yoga, Meditation,& Naturopathy Doctor. I am also Computer Professional, Expert in Website Desgin, Website Development, Multimedia & other Internet Services Like SEO, Web Hosting, Blogging, Hardware, Software etc.  I also Teach Shorthand, based in New Delhi.

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